Gumption Focuses on Fresh Ingredients

Gumption Focuses on Fresh Ingredients

Riley Kalous     , Contributing Reporter

Society is constantly transitioning in and out of lifestyle fads, one of which is the craze over all-natural produce and organic products. Ever since this fad began, many restaurants have started serving more organic and all-natural dishes that are thought to be healthier for you. Gumption is one of those newer restaurants that takes pride in the organic trend. Located on Boyson Road in Cedar Rapids, the restaurant strives to serve only fresh and natural dishes. Gumption even has their own saying, “farm to fork”.

Gumption offers a wide variety of dishes with a menu that includes main dishes, smoothies and juices, hot and iced drinks, and even a kids menu. The restaurant is only open for breakfast and lunch; their hours are 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 pm every day. They offer typical breakfast and lunch menu options with a few twists. They make a popular dish that includes pancakes with cereal and whipped cream on top, a refreshing twist and something you typically don’t see on breakfast menus.

All of Gumption’s food is presented with simplicity and neatness, which helps support that feeling of freshness. However, there is a downside to those freshly made meals. They tend to be pricier since it costs more for restaurants to have fresh goods. Even though all the restaurant’s food is made from scratch, their prices can deter customers who feel like they can get the same food cheaper somewhere else.  Other than the prices though, the restaurant produces high quality food for their customers and they continue to live up to their “farm to fork” name.

Now let’s get into the details and features of this restaurant. They have a very aesthetically pleasing vibe when you first walk in. The décor has a very down-to-earth feel which helps encourage the objective of being an all-natural restaurant. Gumption has arranged their space almost like a barn, with unique chairs at each table and a rustic decor. Nothing is overwhelming either, the room is naturally lit and there is little complexity to clutter the environment. Little flower vases are set up at each table to bring in that homey feeling. Overall, the design and layout of the restaurant is very trendy and fits well with modern society.

I think everyone should give this restaurant a chance. They have a unique menu that one typically doesn’t see, yet they also serve the classics. The quality of the food makes the high-end prices worthwhile. It is a good place to get together with a friend or peer since the atmosphere is cozy and comfortable. If you need a calm environment to focus and sip on a tasty drink, this would be the place to go.