Demi Lovato Through the Years


Ally Moses, Contributing Reporter

Singer and actress Demi Lovato has been through more struggle in her life than the average person yet her talent is immeasurable. As a 26-year-old, she has recorded and produced six albums. Most people recognize her from her songs, such as Sorry Not Sorry, Sober, Tell Me You Love Me, or Stone Cold. Personally, I love her songs because they are so relatable to different groups of people, and they actually have meaning and explain what someone is feeling or experiencing.

Growing up, Lovato struggled with depression, anxiety, drug addiction, and an eating disorder, and she still struggles with these issues today. She is very open with her fans about the struggles she has endured.

Lovato started her career at a very young age on the kids TV show Barney and Friends. She was also involved in beauty contests, she sang and performed in small venues, and she took acting classes as well. She then started to audition for shows on Disney, and in the process, became friends with the Jonas Brothers. Soon after, she landed the lead role in the Disney movie Camp Rock. As a teenager, Lovato was put under an immense amount of pressure, and it started to take a toll on her career. She started to tour with the Jonas Brothers, and soon had a tour of her own at just 17.

Once Demi started going on tour, her world went to crap. It soon became apparent that teenagers need to experience life in order to know what is right and wrong. Since Demi didn’t have an ordinary upbringing, she never really got the chance to just be a kid. She was put under so much pressure to be a good role model and a positive person that she started to crack under the pressure. Like any other teenager her age, she wasn’t ready for the spotlight and all of that responsibility.

In 2017, Demi Lovato released a sit-down interview called Simply Complicated, which has over 24 million views. This number is probably due to the fact that it is one of the most real interviews most people have ever seen. In the video, she touches on everything she has gone through from bullying, to musical expectations, to sex, drugs and her struggle with body issues. She also touches on family and friend relationships. I have now watched this documentary three times, because the interview is so relatable. I think that as people, we forget about the fact that celebrities are people, too, and that they can also go through the same amount of crap as someone else who isn’t famous. She mentions in the video about how family and friends kept her strong and made her want to get better. When the interview was made Demi had accomplished six years of sobriety. Sadly, Demi relapsed in 2018 but is now in rehab getting the help that she needs. She mentions in the interview that her addiction and mental illness never goes away, and that it’s all about fighting every day, taking control and taking it step by step.

For many people, especially young girls, Lovato is a role model not because she is internationally famous, but rather because she has real life problems and she doesn’t let those stop her from reaching her full potential. She tackles her problems through her music and her fans love her for it. She is a very unique person and lets everyone see that, which is what makes her music and career so powerful. She does not hide behind curtains and shield people from who she really is, and she is Demi Lovato.