Top 5 Songs of Miley Cyrus’s Career


Dennis Seay, Contributing Reporter

Miley Cyrus was never just an average girl, she was destined for greatness. She was born into the spotlight with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, being a country star. From a young age, Miley Cyrus was already well on her way to becoming the sensation she is today. Cyrus kicked off her career with the hit TV show Hannah Montana where she played the lead. This early opportunity served as a platform for her singing career and has vaulted her to the fame and success she has today. Here are five of her greatest hits.

5: “We Can’t Stop”

“We Can’t Stop” is a beautifully defiant song off of Cyrus’s album Bangerz. Cyrus sings about the rebellious nature of a newer generation of young adults and how they “Won’t stop, and they Can’t stop” the way that they are. “We Can’t Stop” found major success over in the U.K at its release, topping their music chart, the first of her singles to do so there. The song also rocketed up the American charts, cementing the star’s status in her home country.

4: “Hannah Montana Intro”

The Hannah Montana intro song was an important part to many kids’ lives in the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s. The intro to the hit TV show Hannah Montana set an upbeat tone to the beloved kids’ show and always started the show off on a positive note.

3: The Climb

“The Climb” is one of Cyrus’s most popular songs, infusing a blend of contemporary rock and country music together. This bold combination of music led Cyrus to the number 11 spot in the U.K’s music charts and achieved the coveted triple platinum status in America, marking the song as one of the most popular songs of our generation.

2: Wrecking Ball

“Wrecking Ball” is perhaps the most controversial of Cyrus’s songs, but also one of the most popular. In the song, she takes a bold new direction with her music and her personality. She wears no clothes in certain parts of her video, a stark contrast to the innocent personality she portrayed earlier in her career. This move was likely made to revitalize her dying career and was an instant, albeit controversial, success.

1: Party in the USA

“Party in the USA” is the song that everyone ages 15-28 knows. Cyrus sings about something every young person can relate to: being scared to try new things and meet different people but putting yourself out there anyway. Because of how this song relates to listeners, it has become one of the most iconic songs of our generation.