New Vikendi Map Adds to PUBG Game

New Vikendi Map Adds to PUBG Game

Lincoln Currie, Arts and Entertainment Editor

PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) has just released a map that is the best since the classic Erangel. That new map is Vikendi, a snow-covered place located somewhere around the Adriatic Sea, according to the PUBG wiki. The following is my personal opinion of the map and some changes I have noticed.

First, I would like to discuss something I am very excited about, and that is the new weapon, the G36C. The compact German firearm is my new favorite assault rifle in the game (not including weapons found in crates). The G36C is a .556 weapon that is easy to control at various ranges, the greatest strength of the gun. I also like the feel of the gun. It feels stable when I take shots at close to medium ranges (the optimal ranges at which to use it). Other updates regarding weapons warrant attention also.

I have noticed a drastic increase in the amount of good loot in Vikendi. Granted, this could be a fluke because I have no exact facts or figures to prove it, but I am confident that the loot has improved in quality and quantity. Suppressors are no longer impossible to find; in fact, it feels like I am finding an assault rifle or sniper suppressor every game. Similarly, I have noticed that the number of level 3 vests, helmets, and backpacks has increased as well. In general, I think if everyone has good loot, then less of the game is based on luck, which favors more-skilled players. I concede that there should be some chance element to the game, but I would prefer that everyone is on a more equal playing field than just hoping that you find better weapons and equipment than everyone else. While there has been an uptick in the quality and quantity of loot on Vikendi, there seem to be fewer vehicles on the map.

While Vikendi introduced a new vehicle, the snowmobile, there seem to be fewer vehicles total around the map than in previous PUBG maps. I also have no problems with this. On console, vehicles in PUBG have been abused in the past. Because it is more difficult to aim on console, some users have driven around in a vehicle during late rounds of the game, stalling until there is little competition left. While traveling on foot is not always the most thrilling, it does have perks. You can get into more gunfights (the fun part of a game often maligned for being too slow) going on foot than traveling along in a vehicle, and because the quality of gunfights has improved due to better topography, that also means an increase in exciting combat.

One aspect of Miramar and Sanhok (the other two PUBG maps that have been released since the original Erangel) that I have not enjoyed is the map structures. I like a map filled with trees, rocks, hills, and all sorts of diverse things. I think the addition of those types of objects adds to the overall quality of the map, because it, like an increase in loot quality, helps decrease the amount of randomness in the game. I dislike running to the circle through open fields with no cover. While there are open spaces on Vikendi, the amount of objects and geographic elements you can make use of for cover is more than satisfactory. That leads to more tactical gameplay, rather than gameplay decided by who has better aim or who was more fortunate with circle position. My sole criticism of the game is the difficulty of getting a win.

This criticism comes with an asterisk because I appreciate that the map gives a marked advantage to better players in a way that no map (other than perhaps Erangel) does. Because the

map is snowy, players are more visible, which makes that essential element of many wins, staying incognito, harder. Secondly, a more even distribution of loot makes winning by having rare gear and weaponry more challenging because that rare loot is not so rare anymore. Those aforementioned criticisms of Vikendi are not anything wrong with the map; they are consequences of decreasing the luck element vital to the game.

Vikendi is an enjoyable new addition and restores my faith in PUBG’s ability to release new content that is not a massive drop-off from Erangel. Though I will say that Vikendi is not as good as Erangel, it still offers exciting and strategic gameplay. Also, the pacing on Vikendi is good but fails to reach the immaculate rhythm present on PUBG’s original map. To be clear, Vikendi not measuring up to Erangel is in no way an indictment of the new map, but rather a reflection of how marvelous Erangel is. If you are a person new to battle royale’s or are a PUBG player that has been disillusioned with Sanhok and Miramar, I implore you to try out Vikendi solo or with your friends (squad and duos are excellent on this map). I think you will be more than satisfied.