Fashion: Bringing Back the 2000’s


Skylar Beck, Contributing Reporter

It may be 2019, but the early 2000’s fashion trends have been edging their way back in style for the past ten years. Here are some trends that you will once again be seeing soon.

Tube Tops: While midriff tops have always been popular, tube tops have risen from their grave. Top celebrities like Kendall Jenner are wearing them with different styles. Tube tops, for those not in the know, are just one piece of fabric that barely covers up the breasts and has no straps. Destiny’s Child originally made them popular in 2000. They could often be found in neon colors in the past and now they are back in more casual colors. Now they can also be found in different types and styles, such as long sleeved tube tops, which still have no straps.

Colorful Glasses: These shades have been brought back because of their unique style. They can be found in any color or design. Gigi Hadid was seen rocking some red colored rims at the Vogue Eyewear’s show party. What’s not to love? They’re colorful and so cute!

Denim Skirts: Britney Spears brought the denim skirt to her wardrobe in the 2000s. They are now made in different styles and lengths such as boyfriend, girlfriend, high rise, low rise, mini, etc. Every girl is seen rocking some sort of denim skirt now. They are a staple piece for any outfit.

Scrunchies: Hair scrunchies are definitely back. Most girls are wearing scrunchies today, on either their wrists or of course, in their hair. Whether they be holding ponytails, buns, or braids, scrunchies are back and being heavily utilized. They are found in almost every store in different colors and patterns and we just love to match them with our outfits.

Fanny Packs: The bag from 2000 is back. Fanny packs are small waist bags that can hold a variety of items. Celebrities are wearing these with their looks nowadays. Expensive designer brands like Chanel are selling them and they are quite expensive. Funny how the things that used to be considered ugly are now the biggest trends.

Low-Rise Jeans: The super, super low jeans are not back. We will not be showing our underwear with these jeans, but low rise jeans are becoming more popular for comfort. I will always prefer high rise to cover the fat, but others disagree. These can also be boot-cut jeans.