Weird Sports That You Won’t Believe Exist

Shin Kicking Anyone?

Weird Sports That You Won't Believe Exist

Riley Kalous, Contributing Reporter

We are all pretty familiar with the common sports such as basketball or football, but how many uncharted sports are really out there that no one talks about? Turns out, there are a variety of odd sports in which people actually compete, despite seeming odd to most fans. These are the top three weirdest sports out there that will give you a good laugh.

Ever get a painful bruise on your shin from accidently kicking a piece of furniture? Shin kicking, also known as hacking or purring, is kind of like that, except the excruciating pain is intentional. Originating in England during the 17th century, this sport was and is still the most popular event at the Cotswold Olimpick Games, which once got discontinued for a little while. Ever since the Cotswold Olimpick Games have been revived, they have been known for being the home of the Shin Kicking World Championships, which draws in crowds of thousands of spectators for some strange reason. The objective of shin kicking is pretty simple, that is to knock your opponent to the ground by kicking his shins until he falls or cannot take the pain anymore. In order to win, the competitor has to win two out of the three matches. To increase the odds of winning, contestants build up their pain tolerance by hitting their shins with a hammer. After all that, kicking that piece of furniture with your shin doesn’t sound so bad anymore.

If the last sport didn’t tickle your fancy, then this one might. Wife-carrying is amongst the odd variety of sports out there. The objective of this sport is exactly what it sounds like. Men have to complete obstacle courses while carrying their wife or significant other on their back. The first team to the finish line then wins. This sport originated in Finland in the 19th century, and is actually based off of a legend. The legend has three stories as to how the sport was established. The first one stated that a man and his thieves would steal food and women from villages, and then carried the women on his back as he ran away. The second one said that the robbers would go to the villages to steal other men’s wives, and then marry the kidnapped women. Lastly, the third tale said that the robber trained his thieves by having them carry big, heavy sacks on their backs. The foundation of this sport is said to be derived from those three tales. Currently, to keep the sport alive and thriving, they hold The North American Wife Carrying Championship annually. Winners of this competition get to bring home the wife’s weight in beer and five times her weight in cash. They also get the opportunity to compete in the World Championships for wife-carrying.

This last sport might be the most creative one out there. It is called Extreme Ironing and involves traveling to a remote location with an ironing board to then iron clothes. The competitors, who call themselves “ironists”, iron their clothes under extreme circumstances. If you think about it, people have ironed their clothes in places that you would’ve never imagined was possible. For the sake of this sport, clothes have been ironed on mountain summits, ocean floors, trees, you name it. The background behind this sport is actually pretty simple. A man arrived home to a household of chores after a rough day at work, but instead of doing the chores, he wanted to rock climb, so he decided to combine the two and make it an extreme sport. He promoted the sport by embarking on international tours until he encountered a German tourist who then helped form the “Extreme Ironing International” group. Ever since, extreme ironing has branched out and the conditions keep getting more and more intense. Who knew a simple household chore could become something thrilling and even a little dangerous?

All of these sports make the world a little less boring and hopefully they continue to thrive and bring joy and entertainment to people. These sports may not seem like much, but it gives people unique opportunities and offers them the chance to leave their own legacy behind, even if their legacy is being the best wife carrier mankind has seen.