Dear Feminism: You’ve Got It Wrong

Dear Feminism: You’ve Got It Wrong

Gabrielle Tammarine, Contributing Reporter

Remember when the Women’s March was first announced? It started in Washington D.C. as a protest to the controversial 2016 presidential winner, Donald Trump. After all, before his election he was exposed for making derogatory remarks towards women in the past. It was a fair protest: women wanted to ensure that their rights would be protected throughout a hectic term. So where did we go wrong? Well it’s not simple.

Feminism has evolved throughout time. When it first started, it was to ensure that women were treated as people rather than just objectified, as they had been in the past. Women were once seen as nothing more than caretakers or something to birth offspring. To put it short: they were nothing. Then, around the 19th century, women decided to take a stand. They fought to be seen as people, not as a pleasurable item. And so the first wave of feminism was born, to gain human rights and the right to vote. And when they won, the world rejoiced, as they finally were equal to man…supposedly.

After a while, women felt they needed more rights, being seen as equal just wasn’t enough. Women wanted to be paid the same, they wanted rights to abortion. As the first wave fell, the second wave of feminism rose to take its place, with some court cases like Roe vs Wade taking place as a milestone for abortion rights. Women had even more rights than before, so what now?

The third wave of feminism has risen, though no one is exactly sure what this wave is fighting for. I mean, we have all of our rights, don’t we? So why is the supposed revolution continuing? Most feminists will tell you it’s to get rid of things like the pay gap and the pink tax, and to make sure their rights aren’t stripped from them after hundreds of years of work. But would the world really revert backwards? Maybe, maybe not. It seems the world has gone backward, but not in the ways one might think.

So what is feminism? Well if we’re about to look at textbook definition, it’s, “the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities,” according to the Merriam Webster dictionary. It makes sense, I mean that’s why the whole movement started, so why does it not feel like that to some people? It’s because now feminism has gone awry. Women are now trying to find reasons to gain more rights that don’t even exist, and some extremists have even gone as far to be man-hating. When did being a feminist mean that all men are horrible, are inferior to women, and deserve to be brought down? Never, because that isn’t feminism. What does that make you when you hate all men and discriminate? It makes you sexist. Plain and simple.

I can tell I’ve already ruffled some feathers, but it’s honestly true. In the process of “women’s equality” and, “down with the patriarchy,” some feminists have made the movement live long enough so that it becomes the villain. The wage gap? Doesn’t exist, it’s actually illegal to give different pay based on gender (thanks President Kennedy). The pink tax? It isn’t discriminatory, it only happens because female products are catered to women’s needs. We want more than men do, we want clothing tailored to our bodies, we want different types of lotions to soothe our skin and prevent acne, and we want ourselves to look as if we’re at peak performance and desirable. What does it mean to have products meet more needs and therefore need more ingredients and complicated creation processes? It means the economy and business wants to succeed, not create sexism.

The movement has gone too far. I don’t think feminism is wrong altogether, the original idea is great. Not every feminist is like this, either. However those who are extremist about these supposed “equality views” have a very loud voice, and they will not shut up until their needs are met. They often seem like a child not getting her way. It creates a bad image overall, not only for the movement, but for the things they fight for. Why do so many people believe in gender equality, but refuse to identify as a feminist? It’s because the movement has gone too far, and a bad image calls for a reality check that is more vital than ever. The meaning of feminism and the words some feminists use and the topics they fight for can no longer be taken seriously. If you aren’t with them, you’re against them, and they will tear you apart and ruin your reputation. Don’t agree with them? Sexist. Say that something like the pink tax doesn’t exist? Misogyny. Even give a woman a compliment? Sexual harassment. Do you now see what the problem is?

I think the entire movement as a whole needs a reality check, to reevaluate their morals, what they stand for, and to show actually how feminism works. If this wave continues any longer and gets more extreme, it’ll be hard to live in society. Because your media will be biased towards the movement, and women will potentially grow to hate men. Sexism spreads, game over. But then again, some feminists just won’t reason. They’ll scream, deny, accuse, slander, and just be the bratty child they are in the end. Maybe one day we’ll be able to settle down with those who started this, and give them the dose of realism they need. Then the world will actually have something compatible to work with: reason and common sense.