Put a Stop to Trophy Hunting

Put a Stop to Trophy Hunting

Kayla Rott, Contributing Reporter

Killing animals for a reward (or for recognition) is pointless and will lead to a lot of hate and disagreement amongst animal lovers. Killing innocent animals is not worth the potential risk of a species’ extinction. These trophy animals are not supposed to be hunted for a reason. Do not go out killing endangered animals for the hope of fame and attention, because you will receive that, but not in a good way.

Trophy hunting is a terrible game for human recreation. Trophy hunters harm animals that are usually endangered and they take a part of the innocent animal as a trophy of their success. People need to stop the trophy hunting.

On Facebook and other social media sites, there is a lot of public hate toward trophy hunting and toward the hunters themselves. Some hunters will post pictures of them with a gun, standing next to the helpless animal they have killed, due to trophy hunting. To animal lovers, trophy hunting is a super big deal and many people have different awareness programs targeted toward eliminating trophy hunting.

Currently, trophy hunting is banned in nine states and for a very good reason, the caring of and about endangered species. What is the point of trophy hunting besides hanging a part of an innocent animal up in your home or office?

There are 1,200 species currently being hunted and killed to be displayed by hunters as trophies. Is trophy hunting worth ending an endangered species? It should not be legal to trophy hunt at all considering the damage it does to the world and the animals. Many agree that killing animals for sport is unbelievable and not okay. It makes me sick to know people are killing these animals for “bragging rights” when in the end, they are just killing off an endangered species.

We must put an end to trophy hunting and help save the endangered species currently being hunted and killed for bragging rights and for so-called trophies that people hang in their house.