Men Should Have No Say In What a Woman Does With Her Body

Men Should Have No Say In What a Woman Does With Her Body

Kylie Egbert, Contributing Reporter

To the men, who think they have a right to control women’s bodies…

Why? Why do you believe that you are so entitled to have control over something that has no effect on you?

Birth control. Last time I checked, it was mainly women who purchased and used birth control. So why do men think they should be the ones to determine which kinds are available, where we can purchase them, and if the cost is covered by healthcare? Sure, these things could affect them, but they sure do affect women more, as they are the ones who can get pregnant.

Abortion. Women are the ones who carry the child, so why do you care what she does with her body? Sure, it could be considered “destroying a life,” but if abortion is outlawed, women are going to turn to unhealthy methods and most likely harm themselves and possible kill themselves in the process. Isn’t that the same thing? What if it was your own daughter or sister who was raped as a teen, and couldn’t care for a child on her own? What would you say about abortion then?

If you think abortion is “discouraging men from having sex with their partner,” my answer to that is simply, don’t get a women pregnant who doesn’t want to be. That shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. But for some, apparently it is.

Rape. Why do some men think that they can touch a woman however and whenever they want? I’m sure they wouldn’t like it if that happened to them. Then why do they do it? Some men may claim, “By what she was wearing, you could tell she was asking for it.” Since when can clothes speak? I don’t recall my dress being able to tell a man, “I want to have sex with you.” And hopefully you don’t either.

Sure, an outfit or article of clothing can make someone feel a certain way, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to have sex with her. By saying her dress made you feel such emotion that you just had to undress her, you’re saying that men are so weak-minded that they can’t control themselves from something so simple as to not undress someone without their consent. And they say women can’t work in the government because their emotions are too uncontrollable.