Wake Up and Stop Being Judgmental

Wake Up and Stop Being Judgmental

Elaina DeWulf, Contributing Reporter

Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, someone is forming an opinion of you based on the way you act, think, or talk around them. It does not matter whether they were your intended audience or whether they were just a bystander who happened to be a witness to your actions. Everything you put out there is open for criticism by people you may not even know. Does that mean you appease others and adjust your words and actions to what they want or do you do what makes you happy?

Oftentimes these days, people will decide to appease the masses, even if that means going against their morals. Hands up everybody if you think that is wrong? Most of you? Glad we are on the same page. To the people who want someone to change the way they act, how mad would you be if someone asked you to change? Furious? Embarrassed? Humiliated? All of the above? Put two and two together, that is exactly how they feel when you ask them to change.

Personally, I think we all need to take two seconds to just breathe and think about what we say or do. The golden rule is to treat others how we ourselves would want to be treated. So maybe for once, we should actually stick to that rule. Nothing is worth hurting somebody’s happiness.

In my experiences, I have learned that many people judge and find fault in others. My grandma, for example, expects everything to be her way or the highway. There’s something I’m always doing wrong. Now you’re probably going to expect me to say that it is always adults that attack teenagers because they are “stuck in their ways” as some would like to say. Although there is some truth in that, some teenagers are arguably worse than adults.

Students can have one measly slip up and then are labeled for the rest of their primary schooling until they leave for college. Maybe that student got rejected when asking somebody out or he or she put on a little weight over time; teenagers take that and run with it. It is almost like a twisted game, they are trying to give themselves a self-esteem boost by putting someone else down.

People say that what tears this country apart are our differences, but in reality, it is what you make of those differences. You can either choose to respect the people around you or you can choose to try to assimilate and conform to those who differ from your standards.

If people would take a few seconds to listen rather than to immediately object and argue, maybe we would be able to see some things from other perspectives. And if God, the one above every single person on this Earth, is willing to listen to everybody and not judge anybody no matter what they do, why can’t we? Why is our country divided over such trivial matters?

It’s time to wake up and face the truth; you don’t always need to be right. And to be honest? I probably didn’t ask for your opinion anyways. Just let me be happy.