Drink the Kool-Aid

Drink the Kool-Aid

Lincoln Currie, Arts and Entertainment Editor

When I was growing up, I do not remember there being that many different flavors of Kool-Aid. I remember grape, cherry, tropical punch, and blue raspberry. Since my childhood (or perhaps before, I suppose I had not taken a complete inventory of all the flavors at age six), there has arisen an embarrassment of riches in the area of Kool-Aid flavors. I understand that these choices may seem overwhelming, but let me recommend just a few.

Smooth and almost sickeningly sweet, the peach mango flavor has quickly risen to the front of the pack in terms of summertime Kool-Aid flavors. For me, grape (which does not taste very much like grapes) had long held the throne for the best summertime flavor, and I still maintain that it is the best overall flavor. However, peach mango has overtaken grape, at least during the summer.

Making Kool-Aid is a wonderful experience. I buy the 19 oz. containers and love pouring out the mix into the top of the container and then mixing it in with the necessary amount of water. With the rise of things like MiO, people are being robbed of the feeling of the powder in the pitcher slowly disappearing as the spoon spins around. While you’re stirring it up, you can pause halfway through and switch directions to disrupt the flow of the whirlpool; this process is probably about five minutes worth of entertainment for me, and it can be for you too. Though making the Kool-Aid is fun in itself, a selling point that must not go unnoticed is the Kool-Aid Man.

The Kool-Aid Man is my favorite brand mascot. Whoever made the Kool-Aid Man put no stock into the conventional wisdom of making it be a fun animal or a lovable person. No. The creator of the Kool-Aid Man looked at the Kool-Aid brand and said to himself, “what if we just animated a pitcher full of the product and gave him a face.” It sounds like a pretty silly idea from the outside (and that is because it is), but the outside-the-box idea worked. Today, the Kool-Aid Man is one of the most recognizable figures in advertising. The character’s connection with the brand is a big selling point for me, and I would highly recommend watching some older Kool-Aid ads.

I understand that squeezing MiO (or even Kool-Aid liquid) into a water bottle and shaking it up is easy, but try something different for a change. Get a 19 oz. container or a small packet of Kool-Aid and make the stuff from scratch. Enjoy the fruits of your labor; you worked a whole five minutes for it.