A Tale as Old as Time Comes to Linn-Mar


Connor French, Staff Reporter

Every year excitement fills the air not only in the theater department, but throughout the halls of Linn Mar. The ideas and performers don’t just magically appear, however. To tell such an iconic story as Beauty and the Beast, which has been chosen as the 2019 Spring Musical, there is a long process that both the directors and students must go through. One of the most exciting events for the theater department is the announcement of the Spring Musical.

“Personally, I look for scripts that have a lot of character parts which lets us showcase as many students as possible,” says Director Marcia Smith. She also notes that she considers which voice parts are strong this year, as well as instrumental talent, when making her decision. The audition process is truly what reflects if the right decision was made. Auditions are always open to anyone at Linn Mar. Students are asked to audition with a one minute piece that shows off their abilities, as well as find an accompanist.

This is where musical director Jaclyn Ohnemus enters the scene. She explains what is different about directing a musical, saying, “One of the main differences in directing a musical versus regular choir is the element of singing as a set of characters, not ourselves, to tell a story. Preparing songs for a musical goes beyond singing with beautiful tone and appropriate musicality because of the characters we have to create on stage while singing.”

The actors make it look easier than it is, as this is certainly no easy feat. Plus, the actors this year have faced extra challenges during their rehearsals.

“This year the weather has been our biggest challenge. Losing two weeks to snow days was frustrating, but the cast, crew, and orchestra have stepped up and they are doing a fantastic job,” Smith says. She even says that this group is much further along than any group the directors have worked with in the past, considering they are just two weeks out from the show!

Despite the challenges of bad weather, the cast, crew, and orchestra of Beauty and the Beast will be putting on an amazing show. Smith and Ohnemus both said that they want audiences to recognize the immense amount of work each and every student has put into the show.

Showtimes are at 7pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with a 2pm performance on Saturday as well. Buy your tickets at the door or through the link below: