New Format For Variety Show a Hit


Maneesh John, Staff Reporter

If you didn’t catch this year’s Variety Show, you seriously missed out. Unlike shows of previous years, this one was entirely organized by students. It was hosted by Key Club, and it was for a great cause, too. All profits from the show went to the Linn-Mar special needs program. Ticket sales alone brought in $3500, and the voting for fan favorite brought in another $840. Overall, it was a huge success. Nearly six hundred people showed up, filling most of the auditorium.

All types of students had the opportunity to showcase their talents on stage. During the intermissions, audience members had a chance to vote for their favorite acts by placing donations in jars outside the auditorium. There were twenty-two acts total, most of them musical.

Although all of the singing performances were amazing, some were especially unique.  Some singers were accompanied by piano while others played guitar or ukulele. Kenzie Jensen and Megan Renz performed “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato, with Jensen singing while Renz performed the lyrics in American Sign Language. Lucas Rodriguez performed a hilarious song called “Taylor the Latte Boy Rebuttal.” The twentieth act was an acapella group performing funny parodies of Disney songs.

Among the acts that weren’t singing, there was a Bollywood dance, Katie Bellows played an amazing original piano composition, Steven Hernandez performed a Michael Jackson dance mashup, and the Linn-Mar Color Guard gave an impressive performance.

After the show, while fan favorite votes were being counted, student band Gold Revere performed for free. They performed a variety of songs, including their own latest single “Memories.” Eventually, they were gently kicked off the stage by Mrs. Patterson, and then awards were announced.

The guest judges for this year’s show were Mayor Nick AbouAssaly, Honey Sue Heater, and June Schmidt. The third place award went to Olivia Ofuasia, for her stunning original song, “How a Heart Breaks.” Second place went to Katie Bellows, for her original piano composition. First place went to Bryce Spencer and his band, for their energetic performance of “Pastel Palace,” an original song. And last but not least, to end the night, the fan favorite award went to Kenzie Jensen and Megan Renz for their singing and signing performance of “Stone Cold.”

Even though this year’s Variety Show was unique in many ways, it continues a years-old tradition at Linn-Mar. It’s a great way to spend a Friday night with your friends and family, an opportunity to show student talent onstage, and it supports a great cause. If you couldn’t make it, be sure to check it out next spring!