Sometimes Uncertainty Can Be a Good Thing

Sometimes Uncertainty Can Be a Good Thing

Ashley Schmidt, Columnist

Some people have a hidden superpower, unknown to even themselves: accepting the uncertainties of life. Even though it may seem obvious that life is full of uncertainty, to those of us who are not able to handle uncertainty, your ability to go with the flow of life and craziness makes you seem unstoppable.

Those who handle uncertainty well don’t realize how prominent this challenge can be in life. Every single decision and moment is uncertain. You don’t know if the food you chose to eat is poisoned, if a car on the road is going to hit you, or if one of your internal organs will decide to malfunction. In addition, every single day, countless decisions must be made and most have to happen on the spot.

I have very little ability to handle uncertainty, and I am constantly in awe of how everyone around me seems to just roll with each punch of uncertainty. Some people walk into a class to take a test not certain if they know what’s going on in the class. As a perfectionist who likes to have control, I have to spend hours making sure I know the material well enough to do it in my sleep in order to not panic. Some might see coming into a test only semi-prepared as a weakness, but I see it as a strength. Through the uncertainty you learn how to think on your feet. You learn how to live with the fear of failure and the thoughts that it’s not good enough.

Life does require some level of work and preparation, but not all the time. Some of the best moments can come from being spontaneous and doing things without being sure of the outcome. I respect the bravery of those who take chances, of those who do things even if they’re scared. The moments that shape a person tend to be when they are out of their comfort zone, and can lead to the biggest success.

Everyone has hidden superpowers, known to those without that power. I live in constant fear of uncertainty, and look up to those who take it in stride. Even if you don’t tolerate uncertainty well, you have other hidden powers known to those who struggle with something else. Always remember, even on the bad days, you have hidden powers supporting you.