Freshman Sound Off on Grinding Issue

Freshman Sound Off on Grinding Issue

Tristan Mueller, Staff writer

The class of 2023 is the biggest freshman class in the history of Linn-Mar High School. And what do the freshmen get from the upperclassmen? They get a protest about grinding not being allowed at a school dance. How do they feel about that? Was the Toga dance fun, despite the protest?

“Ya, I got to hang out with people and socialize,” said Freshman Ian Wilkinson-Gruber.

“Yes, I had a fun time with my friends,” added Freshman Holden Swyers.

“The dance was ok, if it was the best they can do, then oh well,” said Sydeny Sync. Other freshmen agreed that the dance could have been more exciting.  The setup was very small and since the dance was in such a big gym, it felt all clumped together. Most of the music was also not new, but the dance did give most people a chance to meet new friends. Overall, most freshmen had a good time at the dance and thought it was fun.

Then again, what did the freshmen think of the protest that night? A protest against the grinding ban  was held in the school parking lot right outside of the dance, and then carried on to a local park where they were kicked out by the police.

“It’s unique. I wish I was there to see the whole protest. I support the protest, but not enough to join,” said Madelane Thompsom.

“Good on them for being persistent,” said Holden Swyers.

Some freshmen think the protest had meaning; others not so much.

“I think that it was immature and portrays what high school students aren’t,” said Freshman Jason Garrett.

“I think it was pointless. Why go through all that for something pointless,” added Wilkinson-Gruber. Over all, the protest did not stop the freshmen from having fun, but it does change how we will look back at our first school dance of 2019 and the beginning of the school year.

The one thing that affected the freshmen is that all the people in the protest were upper classmen. So does this mean the upper classmen can not say the freshmen are trouble makers? If anything the upper classmen are the ones causing the trouble, maybe they just want to blame the freshmen for their actions and get away with it. Altho there are a fair share of freshmen trouble makers that stane the rep, that is also the same with upper classmen. Most of the freshmen and upper classmen are not really troublemakers but they grt treated like they are. So all of those rule followers keep doing what you are doing. And all of those troublemakers get it together people, high school is to be taken seriously and not lightly, this is preparing for the real world. If freshmen can do it so can you, come on linnmar lets get it together. All of  you, you are the futcher do we wat that in the future of humanity? Until the next article goodbye.