Linn-Mar Thespian group presents “Alibis” October 18-19


By Ruthie Gustason     , Co Editor-in-Chief

The night begins with a terrible storm, six dinner guests, and a missing hostess. It ends with several gruesome murders, shocking revelations, and quite a bit of confusion. Linn-Mar’s Thespian Troupe 680 presents Alibis, this year’s thespian dessert theatre, on October 18th and 19th in the Little Theatre.

The play opens in the manor of the esteemed socialite Prima Vera Donna, as her butler Justin (junior Matthew Tofanelli) welcomes the guests of Prima’s evening dinner party. One by one, we meet the darling socialite Hope Trite (senior Hannah Huffman), the dashing playboy Sandy Lynx (senior Grayson Block), the brilliant- and blunt- Dr. Jacqueline Hyde (senior Zoey Marciniak), the charming aristocrat Sir Tanley A. Fraud (junior Alex Drahos), the enthusiastic pantomime Sister Bella Donna (senior Ruthie Gustason), the slightly-too-amateur detective, Mr. E.S. Solvedd (junior Cavan O’Hara), the overdramatic French maid, Monique (junior Olivia Holm), and a mysterious stranger with an affinity for colorful fruits (senior Megan Renz). As the night progresses, bodies are found, clues appear, notecards are exchanged, and jokes are made. The play ends with one of the greatest plot twists ever brought to life on the Little Theatre stage.

Several out-of-context spoilers for the show include: a nun playing charades, bananas, some “passionate” folk dancing, a game of telephone that might be more physical than you’re used to, and a whole new meaning to “putting your feet up”. If you’re looking to spend an evening rolling out of your chair with laughter, come see Alibis on October 18th and 19th at 7pm in the Little Theatre. Dessert is provided with the price of admission. Mark your calendars and prepare to laugh out loud; this is one show you won’t want to miss!