New Tutoring Center Open

Math, Science, and Standardized Testing Center Opens at Linn-Mar


Laura Noehren, Managing & Sports Editor

There is a new way for students at Linn-Mar to get help in science and math. Junior Savannah Zhou started the MASS Tutoring Center, a center for help with Math, ACT Prep, SAT Prep, and Science. Located in the Science Hallway near Mr. Meeker’s room, the MASS Center is in the heart of the Science Department. The MASS Center is ready to help students pass tests and understand difficult concepts.

According to Zhou, she started the MASS Center so that students struggling in higher-level classes could have a place to go for help with their classes. She says she saw an area that could use improvement when she looked at the regular tutoring center located in the Learning Center.

“People needed help for higher level classes, like AP Chemistry and AP Calculus and they didn’t really know where to go,” said Zhou.

She also saw that students needed help with studying for the ACT and SAT tests. With all these ideas in mind, Zhou decided to start the MASS Center. MASS stands for Math, ACT, SAT, and Science. Every day starting at 7:45am, there are tutors inside the glass fishbowl room near Mr. Meeker’s classroom. Tutors are there throughout the day, from 1st period until 6th period, and then again after school until 4:15. The MASS Center can help with the upper level math classes, including Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics, and AP Calculus. The center can also help with science classes like Chemistry 1, General Biology, AP Biology, AP Physics, and AP Chemistry. Students can stop in whenever the center is open to ask a quick question or students can schedule appointments for questions that are more specific or for tutoring.

“If a student wants to focus on the ACT or the SAT, I would recommend an appointment,” said Zhou.

Grace Tracey, junior, is a tutor in the MASS Center. She thinks that the ACT and SAT prep is something that can get overlooked in schools. The MASS Center is a way for students who need some help with the college entry tests to get some personalized assistance. Most all of the tutors have already taken the ACT and some have also taken the SAT, so even just talking to someone who has already taken the test could be just what someone needs to get the score they are looking for.

Zhou started planning for the MASS Center in late September and October. After finalizing her plan, Zhou went to Dr. Gustason for approval. Dr. Gustason was very supportive of the idea, and suggested Zhou use the fishbowl room where the center is now located. Other teachers have also been supportive, giving the center some textbooks and AP prep books for the classes the tutors can help with. Zhou specifically sites Mr. Meeker and Mrs. Azelborn as being helpful to getting the center up and running.

Early on, the location of the space came into question.

“…It was more just a miscommunication between us (the tutors) and the teachers who usually use this space.” However now, she says, those issues have been resolved and the center is running smoothly.

When Zhou wanted to start this center, she had no difficulty in finding tutors fit for the job. She looked to her classmates from her previous math and science classes, and asked them to help her with her new idea. One such student, Grace Tracey, junior, enjoys helping in the MASS Center.

“The best part is that the tutoring is personalized,” said Tracey. No matter what a student needs help with, there is always something they can do to help, and the tutors try to help students in a multitude of ways to make sure students understand. Tutors get CORD hours for volunteering.

Zhou said the future looks bright for the MASS Center. She hopes to help a lot of students, and to increase math and science understanding. She hopes more students will come in for help, and that students won’t be shy with asking for help and will use the center to their advantage.