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December 27, 2018

Bailey Kalous Avid Gamer, Awesome Brother

From a first glance at Bailey Kalous, you would think he is intimidating and a tough guy. Closer inspection reveals his goofy, chill, and soft personality. Bailey is a senior at Linn-Mar High School and still sleeps with his trusty blue baby blanket. By the rough appearance of the blankie though, you would think someone picked it up from a dumpster. Bailey says he plans on bringing this to college with him next year at the University of Iowa where he plans to study to be a radiologist.

“I really enjoy science. More specifically though, I enjoy learning about the anatomy of the human body and other anatomical subjects. I also like the feeling of helping other people and that is what my dream job would consist of.”

The job of a radiologist revolves around computers and technology, which is perfect for Bailey considering his deep-rooted passion for gaming. Ever since his first Gameboy, Bailey has been a gamer. After a long school day, you will find Bailey sitting in his black little office chair surrounded with blankets, one of which is his baby blanket. Not only does he play video games on his PS4, he also yells and screams with his friends during that time. That usually occurs during FIFA, which is a soccer game.

“One of my most memorable moments being a gamer would be the time my friends and I were in this intense FIFA match. Our team was down 2-0 at halftime and we managed to make a comeback and win the tournament in the 90th minute. Everybody was hollering with excitement.”

You can always tell what games Bailey is engaged in by the amount of noise he is making. If it is Call of Duty or Overwatch, he probably won’t be making much noise. However, if it is FIFA or Madden, everyone in the house will be able to hear him. By now, my parents and I have adapted to this. We used to tell him to tone it down, but we gave up and made peace with it since it is entertaining to eavesdrop on his random conversations with his friends. Gaming has played a big role in Bailey’s life, and it has had a big influence on his personality. It’s taught Bailey to just be himself and live his life because when he is behind his monitor, he is truly himself because the gaming community is open to anyone and accepts everyone.

If Bailey is not sitting behind his monitor gaming, then he is most likely at his job. He is currently employed at Keystone Cedars, which is an assisted living facility. Bailey loves his job there and sometimes works shifts up to eight hours.

“It makes me happy getting to talk to all the friendly elderly people. They may not remember my name, but they are always so happy to engage in conversation. I also get to serve them soup, salad, and beverages,” said Bailey.

Besides the blankie fetish, Bailey sounds like your average teenager. However, he has had his fair share of the awkward stage in life. During his sophomore year, Bailey decided to grow out his hair to the point of where he could make a mini ponytail. I called this “The Justin Bieber” phase. My family knew it was just a phase so we did not think much of it, although it was not the best look for him. Looking back on it now, it makes everyone giggle and even cringe a bit because of that patch he went through. But without that chapter in his life, Bailey would not be who he is today.

Another interest that Bailey holds is his passion for music. The band Coldplay is a big inspiration in his life. He has been to a Coldplay concert and watched a documentary about them and still is interested in attending another one of their concerts when they go on tour again. Bailey has even earned the title “DJ B”. He holds this title due to the talent he possesses of playing the right music at the right time. Whenever we go to an event, people ask him if he can be in charge of tunes. Bailey has even spent up to six hundred dollars on speakers.

“Music is a great way to relieve stress and it always brightens up my day. My speakers mean a lot to me and I saved my money so I could buy them so that makes them even more valuable to me.”

As an individual, Bailey as grown tremendously and keeps on expanding his knowledge. There is no doubt that he has the potential to live a legendary life that will be marked in our family tree. With his incredible work ethic and warm hearted personality, he will go far in life. There is no one you will meet that is like Bailey Kalous.


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Riley Kalous, Awesome Gymnast, Awesome Sister

When you ask a person what they think is one of the hardest sports out there, you will get many different responses such as basketball, hockey, and football. All these sports do take a lot of time and effort, but one sport that does not get much attention may even outshine these in difficulty. This sport is gymnastics. Gymnastics can take years to master and Riley Kalous knows this from experience. Riley has been a gymnast since she was two years old and is still going to this day. She has put years and years into the sport and it shows when she goes out onto the floor to compete. Not only has gymnastics taught her hard work but it has molded her into the person she is today.

“I’m a very random person, but I’m also quite an honest person. I like to keep it real. I’m very sarcastic too. Just being in gymnastics and around my teammates have influenced how I’ve grown as a person a lot.”

Riley has gotten plenty of gymnastics meets under her belt with more to come. Each meet brings a plethora of feelings and emotions that sometimes are impossible to control. Along with these emotions come plenty of memories too. In fact, Riley has had so many different experiences from her years of gymnastics that she says, “There are too many memories to just say one.”

Not all memories are good, though. She has had plenty of hardships along the way. From injuries to bad meets, Riley has gone through it all.

“The 2016 state meet was definitely one of my worst experiences. I was one point away from making it to regionals. One single point. It shows you how much everything matters in gymnastics.”

Another thing that can be tough for gymnasts is how much dedication has to be put into the sport. In Riley’s case, she has put years into it, going to practice around five times a week all year round.

“It takes up all of your time and it can be hard to do other things sometimes. Especially when it’s during the school year.”

Although the sport can take up a lot of time, it has created some incredible friendships. One of the best parts about being gymnast or an athlete in general is the relationships you make with other athletes and coaches. Teammates and coaches can make or break an athletic experience and Riley’s have definitely made it.

“My teammates are like family to me. I don’t know what I would do without them,” says Riley.

Now it may seem as if Riley has literally no social life outside of gymnastics but that is far from true. Riley likes to do plenty of other things that are not gymnastics related. As of right now, Riley has no idea what she wants to do with her life.

“I don’t know what I want to do at all. For a dream job though I’ve always wanted to be Youtuber. It just seems like such a fun and relaxing career.”

Riley does have many things she is interested in, though. Riley’s favorite band is Coldplay and she has even gone to concert in Chicago. Riley is also a Mac user and does not like Windows products too much. She also thinks that a new sport should be introduced to the school.

“I would add unicycle hockey to the school because I think it looks really funny and unicycles are a great form of transportation.”

Riley also is a very funny individual and she really enjoys looking at memes. One of her favorite memes is the crying cat meme. Riley really likes cats and in 6th grade, she had an extreme cat phase. This was not her only phase either.

“I had an ugly phase in my life where I looked like a trash bag. It was actually quite depressing and it lasted for a little bit, all the way from the end of 8th grade to 10th grade. I made it through and it made me a better person.”

Overall, Riley is probably one of the most interesting and fun humans to be around. Looking in from the outside, she may seem like a closed-off, boring person but when you open that door and step inside, you open a world of wonderful stories and a vibrant personality that truly does not disappoint.


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