Jaxon Thompson: Unapologetically Himself


Kit Iyer, Contributing Reporter

In a school filled with more than 2000 kids, it is still always surprising to see a new face. Jaxon Thompson was one of those faces, sitting in the back of my AP Chem class, minding his own business, and never oversharing. However, in a little over an hour, he was able open up and tell me everything from his favorite music to his biggest regrets. On the surface, Jaxon seems simple, like a typical teenager. Jaxon’s currently a junior at Linn-Mar who likes track and sports, finds science super interesting, and likes both playing and listening to music. Jaxon is also a model and participates in fashion shows or other events every month or so. He really enjoys watching Anime when he has the time and he likes to hang out with his friends. However, digging deeper, there are things you don’t see. There is so much to learn about Jaxon and he wasn’t at all shy about sharing who he is.

School is pretty important to Jaxon. He is really interested in science, specifically chemistry and physics. Jaxon even said that if he could write a letter to anyone, it would be Einstein.

Outside of school, Jaxon participates in track and field for the school. He runs 400’s and does high jump and long jump. Being a student athlete is important to him, as he says it is what could get him into college and it’s what he spends a lot of time doing. The best part of track for him is not just the meets when he is competing, but the time spent getting to hang out with his friends and cheer them on.

The other thing that takes up some of Jaxon’s time is modeling. Living in the middle of cornfields and silos, you wouldn’t expect someone to get noticed for things like modeling very often. Even Jaxon was skeptical when he was told that someone from a modeling agency wanted to talk to him after seeing him at a basketball game. Soon enough, Jaxon joined an agency called Mother Model, which is located in St. Louis. Every so often Jaxon travels to other places and participates in shows and other events. Right now it doesn’t take up much of his time but with every show he does, his chance of getting noticed and the chance to move on to bigger things only grows.

So when it comes to the future, what is Jaxon going to do next? It’s the most common question all juniors seem to be asked.

“Whatever comes first,” says Jackson. It might be his track abilities that will allow him to run or jump professionally, or his modeling that will take him around the country and give him the chance to meet new people and try new things. Jaxon also loves science, so going to college for chemistry or physics is not just a “backup” option, but something he would genuinely enjoy.

Aside from what Jaxon does, there is so much to learn about who he is. Jaxon says that most people’s first impression of him is that he’s loud. He admits to this, but it’s common for him to be seen this way in a social environment. When he is with his friends, he’s laughing and having fun so of course he’s loud. For Jaxon, it is about spreading happiness. The people in his life are very important to him, whether that is friends or family. He opens up easily so people can feel like they can open up to him. He explains that if he can make everybody else’s life around him happy, then he is happy.

Jaxon is surrounded by people he loves and by people who love him. He keeps his mom and older brother very near to his heart and explains that a lot of who he is today comes from those two. One of his best qualities is being open-minded and understanding, and this comes from his mom.  His mom taught him to embrace his diversity, both ethnically and emotionally. Being both black and white allows him to, quite literally, put himself right in the middle. Jaxon is also great at being himself and being different. He likes to be outgoing and he says it’s never a problem for him to express himself; he just tells people what he likes and who he is.

“I don’t really have one way to express myself, I just do it.”

Jaxon has moved around quite a lot as a kid, but he says this never affected him. He was always the kid who would ride around the entire town on his bike knocking on everyone’s door and rallying up all his friends to come play a game of basketball or to just hang out. He never let the obstacles he faced prevent him from having fun. Even with troubles he might have had at home, he says he is still able to see the good side to everything. Most kids would look at what Jaxon has been through and have a completely different perspective. Jaxon explains that he is thankful for everything that has happened in his life because it has brought him so many family memories and so many things that make him thankful. Despite Jaxon describing himself as a person who cares for everyone, his biggest regret is not being there enough for his older brother when Jaxon felt he needed him.

Jaxon can easily be described as the rock for everyone to lean on, however. He cares about the people around him and shares his love in every way possible. He’s not afraid to be himself and share who he is with the world and he has the kind of personality that allows other people to feel like they can open up and understand each other. All Jaxon says he wants for the world is for everyone to be more understanding.