Mrs. Woerner: the Momager of Linn-Mar


Hannah Gire, Contributing Reporter

Just stepping in Mrs. Woerner’s room will give you a sense of calm and relief. That is her goal as a teacher; she wants you to want to learn in the environment she provides. With all the candy and prizes she has, students will be intrigued to do well in her class. She cares so much about her students and will hunt you down if you have missing work. You either love her or you don’t, but you cannot argue that she definitely knows what she’s doing. Mrs. Woerner is a very culturally adapted person who feels that if she is going to teach about history, she needs to live it as well.

 Why do you use the teaching style you do?

“My teaching style has evolved as I’ve been in the education profession. I teach how I would want to learn.”

     Who has impacted the way you teach?

     “My elementary school music teacher. She walks on water to me.”

What lesson do you want your students to learn from you?

     “Failing can be the greatest teacher. Don’t accept the failure, but reflect on it.”

How have your accomplishments affected your teaching?

     “Made me appreciate where I teach. Made me humble, made me a strong women, and empowered me.”

What do you want other teachers to learn from you?

     “Teaching is so rewarding. Take the time and celebrate the rewards, this makes the challenge easier to tackle.”

What would you do if you were principal for the day?

     “Spend half the day of school dedicated to school spirit, just really connect with each other; we don’t do enough of that.”

If you could teach anywhere in the world where would it be?

     “Norway, because I’ve heard they have the best schools in the world.”

 What would you do with a million dollars?

“Take my family on a cultural adventure around the world.”

Who do you look up to and why?

      My husband. He is one of those true people of character, he is incredibly kind and patient. Truly loves life.

Is teaching your dream job?

     “Yes, even my mom when I was growing up always knew I would be a teacher.”

      Which type of students can you most relate to?

     “The introverts, studious kids, someone who has various interests. If someone is willing to get to know me and allows me to get to know them, we usually can relate. I think I can get along with the cool kids, too.”

     Best day of teaching?

     “Hunger Games day in middle school.”

Worst day of teaching?

“Two years ago. I was teaching about duck and cover from the 1950’s and when the sirens went off the kids were supposed to get under their desks and that class just stared at me and would not move. It was awful.”


Favorite Color?


Favorite Food?



“Biking, swimming and reading.”

Countries you have been too?

“Spain, Italy, Germany, Dominican, Mexico, Canada, China.”

Guilty Pleasure?

“Listening to kids bop.”

Favorite clothing store?