Does Student Council Need to be Revamped?

Does Student Council Need to be Revamped?

By Kai Wynkoop, Contributing Reporter

The Student Council fundraiser for HACAP, which ended in November, raised $1,500 which will go to feed the less fortunate members of our community. This would be considered a success by most people, except Linn-Mar is a relatively wealthy district, and the Student Council’s goal was to raise $1 per student, or approximately $2,100. Instead, they raised an average of 71 cents per student, shy of their goal.

Student Council has achieved many great things at Linn-Mar, fundraising thousands of dollars throughout the years. With this money, they have donated to worthy causes, given money to school clubs and organizations, purchased and maintained the electronic sign on Tenth Street, and implemented water bottle filling stations as well. That is Student Council’s past; lately the Student Council has had a rather lackluster reputation.

Lately, Student Council is more known for “throwing little parties, and decorating for dances,” according to one senior.

The self-described purpose of Student Council is to “provide its members with practical experiences dealing with service, responsibility, leadership development and selected democratic process.”

The current system that Student Council follows is built to distribute and make leadership opportunities available for underclassmen while they are being mentored by upperclassmen who are already in designated leadership positions. This system only works, however, when people take action. This includes both upperclassmen and underclassmen.

The grim truth is that “many of Linn-Mar’s major clubs aren’t as effective as they could or should  be!” says Honey Sue Heater, 11th/12th grade secretary and a staff sponsor of Student Council.

Heater says her concern is that “as a school we are spreading so thin that we can’t get the power, the focus, on the numbers. If we could, I know we could do something in a really impressive fashion.”

Student Council and other clubs have achieved great accomplishments throughout the years, including the hosting of annual events available to all L-M students and teachers, hosting staff appreciation events, and introducing many other events, which positively affect the district.

The Linn-Mar community is incredibly strong, but how do we become more effective? Heater, who is now in her 13th year as a staff sponsor of Student Council, recalls a time when students worked much more independently.

“‘Coalition members’… members of other clubs and school organizations, along with the Student Council, would meet and coordinate their efforts.” A round table discussion, with all the school’s club leaders in attendance would allow the student to do “something in a really impressive fashion.”

One sophomore Student Council member agrees with Heater saying, “The time of content complacency needs to end. The time for action is now.”