Airpods Popularity Has Grown Since Debut

Eli Havlik, Contributing Reporter

In 2018, more than 25 million AirPods were shipped out by Apple. That is more than double the amount that were available for purchase in 2017. Since their debut, AirPods have grown immensely in popularity. When AirPods, cordless earphones that come with their own charging case, first debuted, many people looked at them as just an extra, too-flashy type of accessory to own. Many thought they were too expensive and that the battery levels would quickly deplete when not being used. Since 2016, these concerns have been erased because many realized that the AirPods price was perfectly in line with other quality wireless headphones made by other companies. Apple also did a software update to fix the battery life problems, which has since improved many peoples’ views on the product. Every calendar year since their release, the number purchased has grown exponentially, and Apple predicts even further growth in 2019.

This Christmas, you may have noticed that many people began using their new AirPods, and you have probably seen a lot about them on social media. They have become a meme on Twitter as an exclusive item to have, and have generated tons of popularity for the Apple brand. This comes at a great time for Apple, as they could use some positive press after reports of phone sales decreasing on newly launched products. Apple has recently struggled in the global market because their products are not affordable for people in less affluent countries.

The first time the AirPods went viral, they were the butt of jokes by many people online. Consumers originally thought they looked very weird when worn, and were basically a worthless item. The second time going viral (this Christmas season) was the complete opposite. People rocking AirPods were looked at as if they were from a higher class of society and they officially became the hot item this year.

I, personally, did not ask for AirPods this Christmas, but I did get some as a gift and now I love them. Originally, I also believed that they were overpriced, but as time went on, I began to think that they would be pretty cool; still, I didn’t ask for them because I thought the cost was too high for a pair of headphones. As it turns out, they have become cheaper over time and are not thought to be the extravagant purchase they once were. The AirPods are not a necessity like a phone, but they are sure nice to have. It is very convenient to not have to deal with cords, and they also include a nice feature of double tapping them to pause/play or to skip to the next song. Also, I have had mine for about two weeks now, and have not had to charge them once, so they have a great battery life.

Like many other items, you do not need them in your life, but they are definitely a cool item to have, and if you are ever unsure of what you want as a present, I would most definitely recommend AirPods.