PE Class Often a Waste of Time

Hannah Gire, Staff Reporter

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Four years of gym are required to graduate at Linn-Mar. Freshman and sophomore year, 90-minute gym classes are worth five credits. Junior and seniors are required to take 45-minute gym classes daily that are worth two and a half credits. This 45-minute class includes time to get dressed, making the time for activity even shorter. Having to attend gym every day as a junior and senior is pointless and a waste of time.
Junior and senior year is when students start taking more control of their life, and if they would rather spend time doing something other than gym class, they should be allowed to do so. PE classes for juniors and seniors should be optional because so many students would rather focus their time on more important classes.
Athletes workout multiple times a week. After school every day, there are multiple lifting sessions that anyone can attend or they may simply use the cardio machines and other workout devices available to students. Many athletes work out so often that gym class becomes unnecessary and time consuming.
Senior Eli Havlik also thinks gym should be optional.
“I have basketball every day after school during season and out of season, I lift three to four times a week and attend open gym.”
Junior and seniors often get time release when they do not have class. During time release students can get help from teachers if they are not busy or they can work on homework. Most students would much rather get homework done or make up a test then have to go to gym class. They do not see the point of having to go to gym every day if they could instead be doing school work that will be more beneficial for their future. For many, seeing an A in math on one’s transcript is more beneficial than having passed a gym class.
Currently, the only way to get gym off of one’s schedule is to get a waiver or have a medical reason for not having to take gym. Getting a waiver for gym is almost impossible. You must have a full academic schedule leaving absolutely no room for gym class or you must have a documented medical waiver. Even those with physical ailments such as broken bones are forced to attend gym class and watch everyone participate when they could be better using their time at home or in another class.
Not everyone dislikes gym class, however.
Senior Cole Henrichs said, “I love gym because I don’t have to sit in a chair all day. I get to move around and actually do something productive.”
Gym should be optional because people like Hendricks enjoy and benefit for PE but people like Havlik would rather take another class that would be more beneficial for them.