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Editorial Policy

The goals of the Linn-Mar Life newspaper are to inform, to influence, and to entertain the student body and the larger Cedar Rapids and Marion communities regarding topics that are of interest to a high school student population. Currently, all members of the Life staff work in voluntary positions which are designed to educate and provide publishing opportunities to those involved. Staff reporters work to provide coverage and commentary on school, local and national events in the areas of news, features, opinion, sports, art and entertainment, and column writing. The Life staff newspaper club is open to anyone who attends Linn-Mar High School. Regular Tuesday meetings held both before and after school in room I210.

The Editorial Board, comprised of the Editors-in-Chief, the Managing Editor, the section editors and the adviser ultimately determine the content, the layout and the publishing schedule of the student newspaper. The Editorial Board will also periodically run a clearly designated staff editorial which reflects the majority opinion of the Editorial Board and will not carry an individual byline. All other opinion content will carry the individual reporter’s byline, and will reflect his or her views, which are not necessarily the views of the Life staff.

The Linn-Mar Life accepts and encourages Letters to the Editor regarding Linn-Mar related topics, or in response to any previously published content. All letters must be signed or they will not be published. All signatures will be verified by the Opinion Editor. Letters may be submitted by clicking the email tab on the website, or by electronically submitting letters to [email protected]. Letters should be 500 words or less. The Linn-Mar Life staff reserves the right to edit any letter for grammatical errors, libelous content or space limitations.

The publication of the student newspaper is a learning and educational opportunity for both writers and readers. Some amount of error is inevitable, but precaution is continually used in the editing process and errors and corrections will be acknowledged in subsequent postings of the newspaper.

In the reporting of direct quotes, the Life staff reserves the right to correct grammatical errors as long as the source’s original intent is not altered. The use of profanity is not encouraged and will only be printed if deemed essential to the story and approved by the Editorial Board and Adviser. Stories containing profanity will be clearly labeled.

Staff reporters for the Linn-Mar Life are instructed to inform all sources that publication of their quotes is possible, but not guaranteed. Contributing reporter’s submissions do not fall under the same rules and guidelines but are routinely edited by section editors for content.

The publishing of anonymous sources is discouraged, however, there are rare instances where a source might legitimately request and be granted anonymity. This anonymity will be decided upon and ultimately granted through decisions made by the source, the reporter, the Editorial Board and the adviser.


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Editorial Policy