Linn-Mar Life

Jackson Tupper
Livin’ Like Larry. A simple, yet complex poetic masterpiece, uttered by none other than Larry the Lobster, is the sole phrase I live by. Whether it comes to hobbies of mine like soccer and coding, or day to day decisions like eating one whole pizza vs. two pizzas, everything is done on the fly and to the fullest. However, not everything can be done in the name of Larry. When I’m busy tutoring at school or crunching out a paper the night before it’s due, I tend to slow down and focus more to get my work done on time. Aside from school related work, I like to go out with friends on the weekends and waste my money on late night Perkins runs. I look forward to writing interesting and topical articles for the newspaper over the course of the year.

Jackson Tupper, Staff Reporter

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