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Sam Dibel
Hello, my name is Sam Dibel and I am a sophomore at Linn-Mar High School. I am involved in various sports such as baseball and golf, and other volunteering groups such as T.R.Y, S.O.D.A, Gems of Hope, and Be The Match. I plan to go to college at the University of Iowa, where I will study pharmaceutical and plant-based science, as well as various biology topics. I am pro-marijuana, and believe in the implication of legalizing it medically across the United States so cancer patients and those with other illnesses may benefit from its various uses. I have experienced many things throughout 16 years, so my main goal is to bring advice and awareness to certain topics that may concern my readers.

Sam Dibel, Layout Editor

Apr 22, 2019
The World Is Not Our Garbage Can (Story)
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